Dublin born and bred!

I'm Patricia Pierce and I grew up on the wonderful North Strand in Dublin 3.

In one way I was destined to set up Quirky Irish Icons. After my lovely family, I have two great loves in my life - Dublin and art. 

A proud Dub!

I love everything about Dublin - the people and communities, the walkable city with those fantastic buildings and coast line, and the Dublin wit and unmistakable lyrical accent.

The whole island of Ireland is special to me and I am so proud of it. Which is why, no matter where I travel in the world, I always get the grá to come back home!

In 2016, there was a buzz of activity all over Ireland with the centenary celebrations for the 1916 rising. I was asked to be an ambassador for the 1916 commemoration in City Hall, it was one of the proudest moments of my life (along with meeting Leo). It was such a proud moment for myself and such a historic time for the whole country.

Art - a bit of encouragement goes a long way

We're not great here in Ireland at giving or taking compliments, especially in the good aul days. God forbid we'd be getting notions and getting above our station. 

I’ve always enjoyed making things, even as a kid, I was good at art. The only nice thing though, that was ever said to me in school, was when my art teacher Ms Maine gave me a compliment on my work. At the time, I wasn’t used to praise at school, so I looked at her puzzled and she answered, “Credit where's it's due!” When I went home, I had to ask me Ma what that meant! 

Dublin + art = Quirky Irish Icons, sure what else would I be doing?


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