About Quirky Irish Icons

How it all began...

Quirky Irish Icons was set up by Patricia Pierce (that’s me) in 2014. It all started when my adored nephew moved to Dubai. He loved his new home but he really missed all of those things that you can only get in Ireland. Like real Irish butter and batch loaf or a lovely homemade Dublin Coddle. But most of all, he missed his Ma and his Da. 

I set about trying to find him something that would remind him of home, something that could easily be posted, and something that was a bit quirky and had a bit of character. After searching high and low to no avail, I decided to what all Irish women do when we want a job done right - do it yourself!

So out came my polymer clay. I made my first three quirky Irish icons as fridge magnets. They were small and colourful, depicting the essence of Dublin and they could be easily posted, and off they went and he loved them. He showed them to his friends and they loved them and the people in the Irish village in Dubai where he drank loved them. I realised I was on to something and so, Quirky Irish Icons was born.


I decided those fridge magnets were a perfect way to capture the things that people love about Ireland. They're small and easily transported, I can get wonderful vibrant colours through the type of clay I use. So, I started designing and creating Irish favourites in miniature form. From my first batch of three designs to test the market, I've expanded now to a full range of eighteen fridge magnets, a range of framed pieces and I've got a load more in the pipeline. 

From concept to clay…

Each of my icons begins with a rough sketch. Using polymer clay, I then create each icon mould, bake and hand paint to finish. From there, they are made into fridge magnets, framed Irish favourites, or can be personalised by request.

 Quirky Irish Icons magnets & framed pieces, the perfect Irish gift!