Forget Paddy's Day - Our True National Holiday Has Arrived!

Break out the batch people!! It's finally here - the time of year that we have zero guilt indulging on one of Ireland's favourite meals - Fish & Chips! Across the country, chippers are marking the day by offering delicious half price fish and chips. This national holiday started a few years back and has since grown into a day to mark on the calendar :) Families across the country will get the batch and butter in to make THE PERFECT sambo to go with their smoked cod :)

To recognise the total Irish-ness of this cuisine, Quirky has developed many fish-n-chip themed gifts, including magnets and picture frames. Why not pop them on your fridge or send them to a loved one overseas - after Barry's tea, 'chipper chips' are the most missed item for the Irish abroad!!

Here's a selection of options..

Fish and Chips Fridge Magnet - €5.95


Born and Bread in Ireland Framed Gift - €29.95


Summer in the City Framed Gift - €29.95


Chip Sandwich Fridge Magnet - €5.95


Batch Loaf Fridge Magnet - €5.95

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