Go Raibh Maith Agat & Thank You

This is a little note from a very grateful Irish business to all of our dear customers. Like all of you, 2020 brought a huge amount of challenges to our life and business. However it also brought out the most amazing spirit of home-grown support we have ever seen!

You came in droves to support Irish Small Businesses and Stayed Local when choosing how to spend your precious Christmas budgets. It really spurred us on so much after a difficult start to the year.

In turn, I hope your Quirky Irish gifts have strengthened the connection with Ireland no matter where in the world they may have landed.

Stay safe everyone,
Patricia x

Ps: Your feedback was pure motivation to keep making our gifts and getting them out there:

'Love your website can't wait for my order to arrive'

'This gift will mean so much to friends and family we cannot meet at present we can still be connected'

'Great Customer Service, We will be long term customers'

'My Family are going to be so happy with their Framed Piece Thank you!’

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