The Gravediggers

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Every Saturday, I showcase my work in The Gravediggers, a traditional Irish pub in Glasnevin. The Gravediggers has been a part of Dublin since 1833, and still has some great old features from that time. It's run by the 8th generation of Kavanaghs to be behind the bar. Creamy pints are enjoyed with no television or radio, just good old-fashioned conversations.

Last summer I met Ciaran Kavanagh and his wife Freda and they liked my icons so much that they invited me to show them in their pub every week. Freda said she felt they were a “real piece of Dublin to have as a keepsake.”

Every week I’m there, I meet some characters. Eileen for one, who has become a real friend. She’s cleaned the pub for 20 odd years and has a tale or two to tell about it! The pub has a great atmosphere, very welcoming and is just a great place to meet some true Dublin characters.

Feel free to call in and join us at John Kavanagh The Gravediggers, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, I’m there every Saturday from 12-4pm.

 See you there



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